Saturday, December 31, 2011

Common law needs to be more natural

If you can name a crime, can you also name the victim of that crime?

If there is no victim, can there be a crime?

The definition of a crime by Wikipedia is: "...the breach of rules or laws for which some governing authority (via mechanisms such as legal systems) can ultimately prescribe a conviction."

Ok, so no where in this definition does it refer to a victim.

So the simplest way to make this understandable is to ask the simplest question imaginable: "If there is no victim, why is there a crime? How can there be a crime?"

Don't nod your head, and agree...really think about some of the laws you follow everyday. Then think about the ways in which these laws may fall short on their interpretation.

I conclude with a simple example:

While driving at 2am a person comes to a stop light that has just changed red. They adequately check all necessary directions and see no on-coming vehicles, including bikes, pedestrians or motor vehicles. I see no reason to say this person shouldn't be able to proceed before the light turns green again.

If safety is the goal - the goal can be met without adhering to all rules or guidelines set by law. It's 2011 - let's ease up on the restrictions, and let's all start exercising personal responsibility instead.

Monday, December 26, 2011

When do you become an adult?

Think about it - at what age do you become an adult? 18; 21; 25? At what age did you feel the change of being a child to being an adult? Did you ever really feel that transition?

Now, you're officially an adult - do you still feel the same way?

Maybe you feel like now, you are supposed to be the adult, but you don't feel any different.

Have you looked back at that time and wondered "where are all the adults now??" Well, I'm more successful and have more going on in my life than the "adults" in my family (I say this objectively), and I STILL feel completely lost.

Now just imagine all those people out there, in positions of power. People who control you, and I, and hell, the entire country. If you're an intelligent, driven individual...would you have any trouble recognizing that the people in control - the "adults" of the country, are just as confused as the rest of us?

So if we take the analogy further - the people, who are just as confused as the rest of us, who are in power of this country, and the world for that matter - these people are your parents, trying to make you stupid, and poor, and powerless.

Why would my parents ever want me to be stupid or poor? Likewise, completely powerless to change those things? That's illogical - and you know it.

A new method of spreading knowledge

All I really want to do is share knowledge. I won't say that what I have to say is always right. Just the same, with an open mind, everything should sound - if not right - at least possible (if there is logic involved of course).

So, I want to dedicate this site to that simple goal - sharing knowledge. This will specifically be about life and living; about the things that matter the most (or at least the things that should). Philosophy is for thinkers...I want to expand on that. I see no reason why some facets of philosophy, of the birth of ideas and concepts, has to be strictly intellectual.

However, I recognize that some people don't like to READ lots of text...and I totally feel that. If you can't be convinced that what I have to say is worth reading about after the first paragraph, you SHOULD leave. I would leave. So, my goal is to say a lot, with as few words as possible.

People don't realize that the things we know are more than just that. The things we know broaden our experiences. These things, give us perspective - the more perspective we have, the more capable we are as thoughtful, empathetic individuals. And when ALL of our "individuals" come together in a meaningful way, we can change the world. (period)