Monday, December 26, 2011

A new method of spreading knowledge

All I really want to do is share knowledge. I won't say that what I have to say is always right. Just the same, with an open mind, everything should sound - if not right - at least possible (if there is logic involved of course).

So, I want to dedicate this site to that simple goal - sharing knowledge. This will specifically be about life and living; about the things that matter the most (or at least the things that should). Philosophy is for thinkers...I want to expand on that. I see no reason why some facets of philosophy, of the birth of ideas and concepts, has to be strictly intellectual.

However, I recognize that some people don't like to READ lots of text...and I totally feel that. If you can't be convinced that what I have to say is worth reading about after the first paragraph, you SHOULD leave. I would leave. So, my goal is to say a lot, with as few words as possible.

People don't realize that the things we know are more than just that. The things we know broaden our experiences. These things, give us perspective - the more perspective we have, the more capable we are as thoughtful, empathetic individuals. And when ALL of our "individuals" come together in a meaningful way, we can change the world. (period)

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